Know how to tap your physical and mental health:11 superfood solutions!

The world seems to be crazy sometimes;our life too. During past recent years, world mindset has changed from 'Money is wealth' to 'Health is wealth'. It may be because of increasing premature deaths mainly arising from deadly cancers. The time has come to patiently realize that our abnormal lifestyle is the real cause of these …


Rooibos/Red Tea: The most promising solution for weight loss/losing belly fat.

The world in front of you poses many problems.Some problems invoke pointless pain making it impossible for you to share outside. Are you the person who violently searches for the clothes that matches your body shape? Even if you find such a dress, in most of the cases it will be very uncomfortable to you.Are …

Why can’t I just THINK STRAIGHT?

why can't I think straight all the time?? WHY AM I SO CONFUSED?? how can i relax?? how can i get some sleep?? if these questions are bothering you , read more to find your answers..