If you are focusing your mind completely in a work that makes you happy, how is your behaviour after your work?

When your mind is filled with the richest treasure of happiness the world has ever attained, you love peace more than sadness. Sadness is your real weakness; it shatters your peaceful heart to pieces of broken heart.

Do you know what is the source of real happiness in life?

For some, laziness seems to be happiness. But in the long run, laziness turns to real sadness. We often feel taking rest makes us happy. But the real source of happiness is resting after a great hardwork. Many people take rest simply. Their rest changes to laziness after sometime. We need rest when we really need it. The rest after writing a 1000 world article makes me feel fresh. For you, it may be taking rest after a 9-hour long work. Some feel themselves sorry about bad experiences in future. But you should learn from bad experiences and never allow those to happen again. You may remember the proverb ‘failures are the stepping stones to success.”

The human nature is really complex. Our mind determines our nature. The way we behave to some experiences in life is determined by our state of mind. The amount of our mind’s stability transforms us to different natures. The bad experiences break our mind’s stability while good experiences build our mind’s stability. Many think money makes us really successful in life.

Do you know when money makes us really successful?

Nothing is meaningless. They became meaningless only when it breaks our mind’s stability. Money has a meaning in life. Money has it’s own responsibility. If we use money for purposes that they are not intended for, it delivers us bad experiences. We crave for instant pleasures not everlasting pleasures. If money breaks our mind’s stability, then it is meaningless. When we crave for happiness that cannot be easily found, we attain the most stable mind.

What do you mean by the happiness that cannot be found easily?

One should search for happiness that they can’t access faster. Searching continuously for what makes us really happy, we can build a stable mind. Everyone has their own unique mind. Let us symbolize our mind to a coin. A coin has two sides. Let us say one side is the world of happiness and other side is the world of sadness. One can build a stable mind by working only for happiness. But this happiness should be true and you should work for what you really dreamt for in your life. You should look only to one side of the coin that is the world of true happiness. The world of happiness is also a coin. It has two sides: true and false happiness. Everlasting pleasures of life can be called as the real happiness and instant pleasures of life as false happiness.

But, how one can climb up the ladder of everlasting pleasures?

Everlasting pleasures are built up on the moral virtues we have learned throughout our life. The one such moral virtue is sacrifice. When you sacrifice unimportant things of your life for important things, you will find the world of everlasting pleasures. For explaining this point, let us take an example. You have the freedom to determine your own happiness. For me, travelling to places that captured my dreams is my true happiness. The moments when I am surrounded with people I really love makes me really happy. In total, I like going to places that I really like with people who I really love. For that I should sacrifice some things that may give me happiness, but I don’t really need it. Sacrificing happiness from some things and waiting for happiness that really capture your heart makes you really stronger.

Greediness is the character that makes you to search for things that you really don’t want, even if you are satisfied. A stable mind always find peace faster and is in a satisfied state. When you wait for things that you really want, God delivers you true happiness. You may be familiar with these words, ‘God is love’.

Can you see love? You can only feel it.

Do true love harms you? Never ever true love harms you, it always delivers you happiness without harming you.

Do you read Bible, it is the book of wisdom. It always promises you goodness. “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9). We don’t need an explanation to finalize that selfishness is a bad virtue. It harms others. But when you are satisfied with what you have and you deliver the remaining you have to others, you radiate love. That means if you need a stable mind, you must radiate God’s spirit to others. You think you are weak if you are not selfish. But weakness is the real strength. Desiring for more money for getting things that you really don’t need to find true happiness, lands you in trouble. Using money to do good virtues grants us a very powerful stable mind that is immovable by the bad experiences you face.

Are you wondering what I am talking about?

You may think words I have written is very different from the main topic, “Benefits of meditation”. Meditation is the practise of developing a stable mind – a mind that is immovable by the surrounding moving world.

You must embrace good thoughts and strike away bad thoughts. By doing this, you will have a list of good thoughts/important things and bad thoughts/unimportant things.

You should not allow your mind to touch the second side of the coin- world of unimportant things.

Now let us pierce through the core of the topic. Meditation has been used for long to tap the potential of the mind in all it’s fullness. Here, I am listing 10 important benefits of meditation. This consists of 5 mental benefits and 5 physical benefits. In this article, I am listing each benefit of meditation and it’s explanation.

1) It expands your attention span

Attention span is the amount of time your mind can carry a single thought. Imagine if your attention span is long. You can easily become successful in your work. Your mind will be free of distractions imprinted by the outside surroundings. But in order to be successful, you should take part in a work that makes you happy. If you are not happy with the work you are doing, your attention span goes on decreasing gradually. Focused attention meditation is one such meditation which we will be discussing detail in another article.

2) It may help you fight with addictions

Meditation increases your self-control. For every addictive behaviour, there is a trigger that pulls you back to try it again. This trigger can be the feeling that we want to try it again. Meditation helps you to control the mind and you are completely aware of these triggers. Meditation grants one with a determination to not fall into it again and strengthens the mind. That is, you are able to control your cravings with meditation.

person doing yoga on floor

3) Enhances your emotional health

Depression is one major factor that determines your emotional health. Meditation helps in reducing inflammatory chemicals called cytokines. These chemicals are released when you have stress, which ultimately results in depression. Depression is all about self-image. You should have a good overview about your strengths and weaknesses. Use your strengths and learn from mistakes to kill depression. Try mindfulness meditation for enhancing your emotional health. We will be dealing with this type of meditation in coming articles.

4) It increases the concentration of grey matter in your brain

Experiments show that there is an increase of grey matter concerning learning and memory due to meditation. Frontal volumes of grey matter increase as a result of meditation. The guided meditation and mindfulness meditation can help you a lot in increasing grey matter. This can benefit lot of students.

5) Meditation helps you to cure the fever of multitasking

This is a problem that has been hunting me for months. I always try to multitask. I thought multitasking can help me get the job done faster. But I understood that it is a blunder. Multitasking is the enemy of focus. I blog, write stories, promote my work. Earlier I used to do these tasks altogether. Now I came up with a new idea. Make a timetable. Devote your entire focus to one work within a specified time. Meditation helps you to hold one idea firmly in your mind.

6) Meditation helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and stroke

Blood circulation is significantly improved by meditation. It also lowers heart rate. Lipid peroxide causes atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a condition in which fats, cholesterol and other substances accumulate in and on the artery walls. This harmful compound hardens the arteries. For this benefit also, credit goes to mindfulness meditation. Meditation helps in lowering amounts of lipid peroxide.

7) Grants a stronger immune system

The immune system helps you to fight variety of diseases. The immune system processes and functions are found to be improved by the practice of meditation. Meditation is found to provide relief to immune systems. The immune system granted by meditation is trained to protect our body from foreign invasion. It drafts legions of T cells and antibodies.

woman sitting on hill

8) Improves athletic performance

Athletic performance is based on stamina, concentration and other important factors. A combination of yoga and meditation may improve your athletic performance. Meditation can improve flexibility and balance. It also enhances concentration.

9) Helps in managing pain

Meditation can help you when you have a minor injury. It prepares body to withstand pain and discomfort resulting from chronic health issues. It also prepares mind to recover as soon as possible.

10) Provides better sleep

The increased stress in this busy world kills your sleep. You may be cutting nights to complete your project. Or you may be dissolving yourself in social media for late nights. Nowadays, human owls are increasing. But here’s the solution: mediation practice delivers you good sleep and relieves you from boredom. Those who practice meditation sleep earlier than those who don’t.

Hence, meditation is one of the gifts of god. It has less or no side effects. But it delivers you happiness, freshness, improve your work etc. It also has many physical benefits too. So, practising meditation can create a new path in life.


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