HP Deskjet 2621 1000 Pages All-In-One Printer

Buying printers online is quite a task especially due to various dishonest reviews posted widely. In the end, you would have to trust your gut and make a decision. Usually, people want the highest quality for the lowest price, but quality demands a sacrifice of your time in both research and money, hence please stay put to read mine and many people’s thoughts on the HP Deskjet 2621 printer and hope I can help you make a decision.

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· All-in-One Inkjet Printer (Colour)

All-in-One stands for a printer that can Print, Scan and create copies. Inkjet stands for the technology that the printer uses. As the name suggests the printer sprays ionized ink directed by magnetized plates onto the paper. It is said that inkjet printers are more affordable for home use.

· The printer responds to voice, so work hands-free.

Most of you would be familiar with Alexa and Google assistant. Well, the HP Deskjet printer has a voice-activated printing feature that works along with Alexa & Google Assistant. Just command your printer to print just anything from bills to suduko to puzzles to whatever you can imagine.

· The HP Deskjet printer can print 5.5 pages per minute, which means it costs you Rs. 4.8 per page printed in black and white and Rs.6.6 for a page printed in color as per ISO standards.

· This printer is ideally recommended for home usage or a small office.

· The HP Deskjet 2621 can support page sizes of A, B5,16, DK envelope; Duplex Print – Manual; it has a Print resolution of Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered DPI (Black & White), Up to 4800 x 1200 optimized DPI (Colour)

· It has a Compatible Ink Cartridge: HP 803 Tri-Color & Black Original Ink Cartridges; Page-Yield: ~190 pages (Black & White), 165 pages (Colour) – ISO standards,

This is the ink….

· You will get 1 black & 1 tri-color basis cartridge with the printer.

· The company says to print less than 1000 pages per month for maximum efficiency. You might be surprised to hear the number 1000, but trust me it is more than enough for your home. I like the company’s honesty.

· You get an ample Warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.

· And of course, for any product related queries, you can contact HP brand customer care on 1800-2000-047.


1. You can connect your Smartphone, tablet, or laptop without any hassle and print right from anywhere in your home. You also get an HP smart app.

2. Print crispy black text and colorful pages while maximizing your cartridge usage with the optional HP high-yield ink cartridges.

3. Reduce your tensions with wireless printing and get your features at one point. You can print or copy or scan while your all-in-one printer does all the chores for you. 

4. I wonder what the iPhone users are worried about now. ( Sorry for my sarcastic comment on iPhone users ) but it is Your device hence your choice, so dear iPhone users don’t worry you can easily print documents, photos, and many more from your dear iPhones and dear iPads using AirPrint, and from Android Smartphones or tablets Devices running Windows 8, Windows 10, and Google Chrome operating system can also enjoy the same privileges. You can check out book in the image for a setup guide.

5. If you don’t have a network, then you don’t have a problem also.

The HP Deskjet 2621 printer allows multiple users to connect directly to the all-in-one printer with their smart devices without accessing a network. Also since old is gold, you can still connect the printer directly to the PC or laptop using the olden USB port.


6. No more hassle with setups.

Just use your mobile device to set up your new Deskjet 2621 all-in-one and connect to your local wireless network. The ingenious HP All-in-One Remote app guides you through every step, on your smart mobile device.

7. Elegant design.

The cute design simply fits anywhere at your home. Take your time to select the appropriate color that harmonizes your workspace.

This is how compact it is. source: floralimited.com

8. Again and Again, it is Hassle-free.

The printer features a simple LCD screen and simpler buttons, the control panel is straightforward and easily understandable.

9. Handy Output tray.

Paper jams are a nightmare for various printer users but the enclosed tray of HP DESKJET 2621 minimizes space when closed and holds 25 sheets when in use, so don’t fret over paper jams anymore. The tray allows for simpler, unattended printing. 

10. Smarter ink cartridges

The Original HP ink cartridges will surely guarantee high-quality prints from time to time without any degradation in quality.


· Not for heavy use

I could find a handful of people sharing their trouble with the ink cartridges draining your pockets. Well, it is true if you have lots to print but it seems that for normal households the HP Desktop is still ideal.

· It has a good Wi-Fi range within 2 rooms and can connect with the least difficulty.

· Classy look to easily fit your home space

· Simple installation.

· You might catch some paper jams a couple of times, but this is seen rarely.

· The printer employs the 803 ink cartridge since it reads that they are disposable and not rechargeable, but certain users have refilled it and the cartridge works just like the original. I would like you to cross-refer to multiple opinions on this point, I wouldn’t damage my printer for the sake of a few bucks, so watch out. 

Also, when you use a refilled original ink cartridge, the printer will not show the ink status in the indicator, but yet it prints, so get adapted to it if you want to follow the cost-effective road to maximizing your printer’s potential. However, I would not recommend it, because the same users who tried refilling the original cartridge also claimed that with time the prints turned out nasty with untidy spillage issues. 


 So please respect the company’s recommendations of not refilling the cartridge because the creators always know the best. Though the 803 ink cartridges are expensive compared to other varieties, the HP DeskJet 2621 needs it to work seamlessly.


Printing cost is a bit high even though the cost of printer is fine.The print quality is undoubtedly awesome but the sacrifice is to be made at the expense of maintenance as the cartridges are a bit costly. 

I would like to give a bit of sincere advice that this printer is not for the heavy user. So, please don’t purchase this printer if you have bulk printing but if you are looking for the best quality printers out there, this printer is for you.

The printer will suit those people who do not want to print from outside as they wish to keep the confidentiality of their document but yet want the highest quality.

Windowshoppi Rating

Price: 7/10

Utility: 8/10

Reliability: 8.5/10

Features: 8/10

Overall: 7.875/10

Check out the printer at Amazon.in

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