Readers are the heart of our efforts. Readers paint our canvas. We live through your opinions, memories, imagination etc. You can paint the beautiful picture of your life on this new category in ‘WINDOWSHOPPI’- ‘Reader’s canvas’.

Our readers come from different walks of life. We started our blog as a team. We believe teamwork can achieve anything much easier than individual efforts.

Many people quit blogging because they have achieved only less traffic. Getting less traffic is often a problem for new bloggers and it is an obstacle for them in their success. But working in a team makes you feel never bored and keep the ongoing momentum.

      Windowshoppi invites all of our readers to share their work with us. We will be receiving content from you and transform it into a blog post. We will be giving you some tips to promote this blog post to others. Your content gets views only if it is good content. We ensure giving our best for the good content.

      This is the only blog you will get individual attention. Share your life events with us and we will be happy to publish it in our own words. You can also contribute your work to our blog.

Suppose you have made some quotes that can help others, give them to us and see the magic. We will convert the information into a brand new blog post that can be shared anywhere in the world.

       This is a great place for new bloggers. New bloggers should promote their work in order to survive. Give us the content in your hand and we convert it into a post that is fit for promotion.

We will be giving personalized tips for promotion. The promotional tips given to you may differ from the tips given to a new blogger like you. Established bloggers can also use this opportunity for getting a good promotional article.

        If you published(self-published) a book and there is no one to read it! This is a strange and awful experience.

Do you know what your book needs now? Your book needs content that can be easily read by common people to understand about your book. If they are filled with an intention to read your book after reading this article, your marketing strategy wins. So, provide information about your book to us.

       You will get an opportunity to be the part of an article that will be like a profile of you which will be seen by many after you promote this article. You just published a new photo on Instagram, you need to get more likes. Provide us with information about the photo like the name of the place, the camera which it was taken, etc.

The main two ways to get you and your work noticed:

  • Either promote your work. Your work may be a book, blog or product. Or it may be an Instagram pic of you that you want the world should see and know about it. We will provide you an article that might help you to promote your work.
  • Or promote yourself. The outer world outside your circle should be able to praise your work only if they are satisfied with your talents. If your readers can find your potential, you are all set. You will be getting a personalized profile like the article to promote your talents to the outside world.

The quality standards that we put forward not to hurt our readers:

  • The content that might hurt some readers badly is prohibited.
  • If you are looking for advertising, just mention it is for advertising and we will give it special attention. But remember this is the place for sharing good products.

The policy for sharing the article:

  • One way of sharing the article to get more views is to promote it yourself to your friends, family or relatives.
  • You can also share the article with another person to get back a share for you if you want some new traffic.

If you are looking for promoting yourself( this may include sharing a poem written by you), just send the information about you to This should include all the information about a typical bio. Please don’t provide us with fake profiles. Try to comment below with your name and include the same in your email.

If you are looking for promoting your work, just read this :


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