How you can market anything with ‘WINDOWSHOPPI’

NOTE: We allow only products, books etc. with good quality that doesn’t hurt or cheat our readers.

Marketing has always trembled bloggers, indie(self-published authors), affiliate marketers, etc. The art of marketing is too complex because people who succeed in this sphere is very low. It is the strategy that you adopt to drive the attention of customers to your product. The act of supplying information about the product to customers so that they like it and buy it is also marketing.

But what marketing makes too complex?

The number of products floating in the sea of the internet is increasing day by day. The products that often need marketing are new products. But brands also do heavy marketing through expenditures spend on advertisements. These suffocate the new products and throw them into a situation that they can never come out or flourish. So, the number of bloggers, authors, etc. who flourish is quite low. This situation also made the world forget new blogs, books, etc. with quality.

But what really happens to new bloggers, authors, etc.?

Really, they don’t do it right. They never wait.

What is the right way to do marketing? 

Always provide value first. People don’t need pages with products. They take it as spam. But this situation makes many good blogs, books, etc. difficult to come up to limelight. First you need to prove that you have some knowledge about the niche. You should give some content free. When people read your content, let them decide whether they want to read further or subscribe your channel. We can see many companies make false claims to sell their products. But this is to be stopped. There is so many clickbait we see every day. This persuades people to products with cheap quality and makes customers unhappy.

WINDOWSHOPPI is a website that strives for providing a space for customers where they can get many useful products that are supported by reviews with scientific explanations. If you market without providing value, you will fail. Let us give you some goals you should fulfill. If you fulfill these goals, you are eligible to market in WINDOWSHOPPI.

We provide detailed strategies for you to market. If you follow these goals, we can make sure the customers are happy. The goals are:

1) First, make sure you have a good product with you. If you are writing a book, you should make sure that it entertains you first. Be confident about the quality of your product.

2) Provide some value if you are a blogger. You should market in communities by first providing them value.

3) Don’t make false claims. Be open or be ready to answer customer’s opinions.

4) Don’t be anonymous. Let people know you. Let people realize that you are a normal person like themselves and they will be happy to interact with you.

What WINDOWSHOPPI will provide for you:

1) A single blog post was written by us based on the content given by you. The product you apply will strictly undergo a process of moderation to ensure quality.

2) Further steps and strategies that will boost your marketing efforts.

What you should do to market in WINDOWHSOPPI. We already mentioned marketing in WINDOWSHOPPI is strictly based on the goals given to you. You should send an email with these details:

1) Detailed information about you. It is based on you. You may be familiar with many bio formats. Write what customers want to know about you.

2) Include the reason why your product/blog/book is of good quality.

3) If you have got some nice reviews, just include. If you have screenshots, it will increase your credibility.

4) Be ready to give something free like a sample of the book, free content, podcast, etc. to increase your earnings.

So, if you are a blogger, author, product manufacturer, etc. and you need to market your blog, book, product, etc., just comment down in this blog post with your name. Then send an mail to with the four details given above. Try to include same name in the mail as in comment.  If you have a product on Amazon, just mention it.


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