Snake Oil Playing Cards

Yes, we advertise snakeoil as well,


Its not the snakeoil you’re familiar with. This one is a little different, and adds to your life.

It’s a card game designed for children, but after reading some of the reviews online, even adults seem to enjoy playing it. They got into it after they decided to play it with their kids, and because of the way the game is designed, they got hooked onto it.

Like all card games, it has its own unique set of rules, which are easy to understand.

The deck consists of two types of cards, one is the customer card, the other is the word card. In the latest edition, the pack comes with 28-double sided customer cards and 336-word cards.

The Customer and the Slick Salesperson

Each player is dealt six cards, and one of the players is chosen as the customer randomly making the others Salespeople. After that round is over, the person sitting on the left of the previous round’s customer becomes the new customer and so on.

How The Game is Played

The customer proceeds to pick a card from the customer card reads it out aloud and becomes whatever is mentioned on the card. If the customer card says astronaut, he becomes an astronaut. He doesn’t actually, but he does within the confines of the game.

The rest of the team are salespeople specializing in the subtle art of snakeoil. They will combine two of their word cards and pitch their product to the customer.

For example, if one of the snakeoil salesperson has a hand consisting of:

  • Balloon
  • Bicycle
  • Banana
  • Sky
  • House
  • Bubble

He could combine bicycle and balloon and pitch it to the customer as a sweet means of transport into outer space. The balloons filled with helium will carry him out into space, and pedaling the bicycle will allow him to move in the direction he wants, much like an Air balloon.

He could maybe convince the customer that his “Sky House” will allow him to surf the cosmic waves without having to step out of his house, allowing him to take his family and friends on a journey across the universe. This way, he gets to take everything along with him, even his dog.

He could also sell his customer on the “Banana Bubble” that allows him to navigate across the cosmos, surviving on the oxygen and bananas present in the bubble, and staying safe from the Sun’s ultra-violet rays, owing to bananas natural source of radioactive potassium that shields him from radiation. The bubble is completely sealed, and protects him against the vacuum of space. Since the bubble is transparent, it will create the illusion of him floating about in the cosmos, with nothing to impede his vision.

But you can only choose one combination of two-word cards, and pitch it to the customer. The customer will listen to all the salespeople’s pitches, and pick the one he fancies. He will hand his customer card over to the salesperson that provided him with a sales pitch that impressed him the most as a reward, and that ends the round.

The Next Round

The person sitting on the left gets to become the customer and the same procedure is followed.

The game ends when everyone gets to become the customer, and the one with the greatest number of customer cards wins.

What Makes it Interesting (Pros)

  • You get to tune into your creativity to generate meaningful combinations
  • Speaking and marketing skills are improved
  • Allows kids to increase their cognitive processing speed

What Makes it Not so Interesting (Cons)

  • It can get boring after a while
  • Its not always available
  • It can be slightly expensive

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Windowshoppi Rating

Price: 7/10
Utility: 6/10
Reliability: 8/10
Features: 8/10
Overall: 7.25/10

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