When most people come face to face with a deck of cards that costs as much as a Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, they will buy the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

And its understandable, since the speaker amplifies music and spreads it across the room, whereas this particular deck of cards, amplifies the size of the hole it burrows into your pocket. Why would anyone want to spend a fortune on something like that? Who even came up with this idea?

Out of the Box Thinking

As with skateboarding, contact juggling, yo-yoing and pen spinning, people have been getting really creative with objects that look so plain that they’ve only been used for the purpose it was designed for, until now.

Playing cards are designed for playing games like rummy, blackjack, crazy eight and also magic tricks. Now, they are also being used for an entirely different purpose. The experts have decided to coin the term cardistry to describe their artform.

There are many videos online of people performing some crazy trick using these cards. You can watch them on YouTube but I must warn you, you will get hooked. It is an expensive deck of cards, but its one that will serve you well on your journey towards mastering the art of cardistry once you’ve hooked yourself onto it. (I warned you, didn’t I?)

Overall, cardistry is a cheap hobby. Even if you spend surplus cash to purchase them, because of its superior quality and finish, it will last a lot longer than you think it will.

So what makes it so special?


  • Unlike normal playing cards, this deck of cards has a variety of beautifully detailed designs on its back cover that project a wide array of patterns and mesmerises your audience as you flourish them.
  • It’s designed in such a way as to generate aesthetically looking designs in every conceivable direction.
  • You could also fumble with them, and still produce a pretty neat looking design, amazing your audience with your lack of talent.
  • Even the deck is beautifully made. People will gawk at you as you pull out your deck, thinking they were an expensive pack of imported cigarettes and rush towards you. That will be your troll card.
  • Performing tricks on a pair of bicycle cards is difficult since it was made for playing, not showing off. Let’s be honest, showing off is fun. If you’re still reading this, it means you agree, and it also means you definitely need to buy this flashy deck of cards.
  • The cards are designed to perform visual stunts while remaining fairly comfortable to handle. The cards don’t stick to each other and are slightly thicker to improve its life.
  • Speaking of life, it last long because of its superior material.

Everything has its flaws, so let us peer into its dark side.


  • It’s rather expensive and can seem like a bad investment, but once you get started, you’ll never put it down.
  • Learning the tricks takes time and effort, and can be frustrating sometimes.
  • You’ll be drowning in popularity after you show them off, and this can deprive you of some precious o`xygen.
  • If you have no experience playing tricks on simple playing cards, you won’t notice much difference between normal cards and the virtuoso cards. You will email me, telling me you wanted your money back; and me being the good samaritan I am, will hang up the phone after telling you I was busy helping out at the homeless shelter using the money I cheated you out of.

Click to get The Virtuoso Playing Cards Fall/Winter Virts V5 Limited Edition Deck

Click on the image

Windowshoppi Rating

Price: 5/10

Utility: 8/10

Reliability: 8/10

Features: 7/10

Overall: 7.25/10

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