Brilliant Forms of Entertainment That Add Spice to Your Life

A wide array of products is available that satisfy our desire for variety.  Most of them were actually designed to serve a function or two, but never to serve functions that are out of its scope of design. Pens were designed for writing, paper to be written on, rings to be worn, bicycles as a means of transport and so on. Most of us use them for the purpose they were originally designed for, and never stray away from it, but there are some who discovered something different, and decided to put it into action.

We have among us a sect of people gifted with the special ability that allows them to turn things inside out and make them dance to a different tune. We call this ability of theirs creativity, and its with this creativity they’ve managed to pull off a number of mindboggling stunts that I will go into later on in the article.

And they’ve gained some popularity with it too, as they show off their skills by holding competition and broadcast their tricks online, attracting a wide array of audiences spanning from various countries, encouraging them to learn and explore this newly discovered craft, and maybe discover their own.

The artform I’m referring to is freestyling. It’s done with cards, pens, rings, glass balls, knives, just to name a few.

We have noticed this trend and decided to advertise such products, in the hopes that we can spread this creativity as far as possible, and inspire the next generation of artists to take up the helm and inch their way towards a better world where entertainment transforms into something resourceful, by moving away from the vapid atrocity it currently is.

Entertainment becomes art, where the person producing it develops something worthwhile, while providing his audience with a source of entertainment and inspiration.

We endeavour to make this a reality because we know for a fact that mere entertainment is deadening. It dampens our spirits, and siphons our drive to achieve.

The entertainment most popular these days have nothing of value we can glean from.

Let us look at Music for example. Playing on the guitar, the violin, the cello; they are all looked down on because of how difficult it is to learn. Children want to become like their favourite pop-stars, but the ones they look up to are degenerates in every sense of the world. Most of the music we hear these days is tuned to perfection, which kills it.

Music is supposed to flow like a river, and rivers don’t consist of smooth streamline flows, it has its turbulent mixing and crashing of waves, that allows the individual to experience life for what it is.

It is in a constant state of entropy, with its highs and lows and its rise and crash.

You can’t autotune freestyling, you can finetune it, by working at it.

Music should reflect this, because it comes directly from the soul, or at least it is supposed to. Its the same with any other form of art, you work at it and craft it into something phenomenal.

Electronic music does require talent, but most of the EM we hear these days use repeated beats and involve minor alterations. Once a particular type of EM becomes a hit, every other EM that comes along starts to sound exactly the same.

This is not to say that electronic music is rubbish, but that pop-culture has done a pretty good job of making it sound like rubbish.

But anyone dumb enough to suggest that EM will one day take over classical instruments, is out of his mind. It isn’t a competition, but a different genre of music.

Its my desire that people start taking up activities that generate both joy and learning, to make use of their potential and enjoy it while developing something worthwhile.

Now you could ask, what good does flipping pens and flourishing cards do for my life?

It teaches you the importance of Discipline.

You don’t reach the top of any game by occasionally working at them. Consistent effort consolidated into a habit is what brings you closer to the top.

Sure, not everyone makes it to the top, but you finally have a metric you can use to mentally assess how much effort has to be invested to traverse a given distance. At first glance, the tricks might seem pretty simple, but once you attempt to replicate it, that’s when you realize what goes into even the simplest of tricks.

That realization will scare you at first, but as you work at it, and see the progress, you are led to another realization.

The realization that the journey to mastery can be enjoyable.

And that is what makes it worthwhile, both the journey and the destination.

So let us discuss some of the most common freestyling activities.


It is an artform that involves flourishing a deck of cards in creative ways. It is also practiced by illusionists in their line of work, to amaze their audience with. There are competitions held where all cardistry enthusiasts congregate to show off their skills and bag the top prize.

Learning those tricks can be very challenging with a normal deck of cards, but when you use products designed for this one purpose, like the virtuoso deck, it becomes easier to learn and polish those skills.

The deck is designed to provide the user and his audience with a surreal experience. The design on the back cover is designed in such a way as to generate amazing looking patterns no matter the orientation. It’s a work of art in itself, and is designed to be extra smooth and thick enough to handle the stresses it needs to handle as the tricks are being performed.

Tricks can be performed in a normal deck of cards, but it won’t look as grand as the deck that was purposefully designed for tricks. The sharp colours and design make it stand out, and draw more attention. Also, normal cards are thinner and can get bend easily, and can be quite the task to handle.

Pen Spinning

The title is self-explanatory, but not as simple as it sounds. The way the experts flip and spin those pens around their fingers and hands is mesmerising. All of it looks effortless, but that is an illusion cast by the expert, which is a natural result of the practice that went into achieving that level of mastery.

Normal pens can be used, but if you are in a hurry to learn them, then buy yourself one of these pen spinners. It is longer than normal pens and has weighted balls lodged on both its ends. Beginners always have trouble maintaining balance with the pen as it keeps moving about from finger to finger.

The pen is always in dynamic motion, so by increasing its length and adding weights, it becomes easier for the user to balance the pen as it rotates. This allows you to quickly get a feel for how it ought to be handled and executed, allowing you to replicate it on a normal pen, but it will be difficult.

Contact Juggling

It involves the use of a crystal or acrylic ball that is always in contact with the user’s hands. The user balances the ball in such a way to make it look as though it were floating in mid-air. To the strengthen the illusion, he waves his hands around the ball to give the impression that he has let go of the orb, when in fact he has not.

It’s a beautiful artform that gives off a pleasant vibe that comforts the audience. Learning this can be very frustrating, because to maintain the illusion requires consistent practice and nerves of steel.

But it is incredibly rewarding, and you can go from juggling a single orb to multiple orbs. Many of them use multiple orbs to mimic caterpillars, lizards, dragons etc as they dance across the sky in a pattern resembling their movement.

I wouldn’t recommend using actual glass orbs since they can be heavier, and put unnecessary strains on your performance. Also, I don’t need to tell you what happens if it lands onto the floor.

The contact juggling ball will develop scratches on its surface if it isn’t handled properly. If you drop it against the floor, wall etc, it will scar it, so this has to be handled with care. It won’t however, break and scatter like glass, unless you throw it off a building.

Please don’t throw it off a building.

Acoustic Guitars

This one might seem odd, because how can one freestyle on an acoustic guitar? Doesn’t a guitarist merely strum on his guitar to produce a melody? That’s what I thought.

But there are geniuses out there like Alexandr Misko, Marcin Patrezeluk, Luca Stricagnoli, Mike Dawes, Andy Mckee, Antonio Dufour etc. who have taking acoustic guitar playing to the next level. There are artists these days who make their music by tapping onto the fretboard like it were a piano. They use a variety of percussive techniques to generates a cascade of melodies and beats that run off into various crevices adorning our heart from the damage that has been dealt to it, letting the music seep into it and fill it with joy as it reverberates along the corridors of our being.

These techniques only serve to deepen the impact it makes on our audience, leaving not only them, but your family with something to remember you by. It brings as much joy to the audience as it brings you to produce and perfect this art.

But here’s the twist, its an art you can never perfect, so it’s a life-long journey of learning, and with it comes an unlimited reservoir joy. A worthwhile investment, if you ask me, with a return on investment of infinity and beyond.

In Conclusion

If anything, I believe learning this is far better than wasting your time watching TV, surfing the web and engaging in pointless activities that take away your precious time.

Why watch someone in stage, when you could be the one performing instead?

Why pay someone to perform, when you could get people to pay to watch you perform?

Why waste your time chasing mindless entertainment, when you could be building something you could show off to impress your peers?

These are the things you could show your kids and your grandkids, and inspire them. Maybe they will discover something new and we can experience the joy of learning them together.

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