Which is the best electric bike?

Ready for a quick surprise ? But before that I would like to remember my childhood friend , the TVS electric scooter. It was one of a kind. I had it when I was studying in 10th grade. It was so cool. I loved to show it off. It was black, soft and had a top speed of  35km/hr.

It is one of my favorite childhood memory. I and my sisters took turns to ride it all the time. Well after about 4 years, couldn’t use it anymore. The battery was replaced 2 times and the speedometer is ..err.. well, got out of order within 6 months of buying the scooter. The body was too light and was not of upright quality, within a year and a half holes, big enough for cockroaches to fit in came up here and there,.

But I loved it though. I loved that it was electric, felt so glad that I wasn’t smoking fuel. It costed my dad 30k, but we were driving the future.

The other day i came across an Indian Marvel when I was exploring the streets of world wide web.

I found the Emflux One. Man, you wouldn’t believe me, but it is a SUPERBIKE. Ya it is…also, It is an ELECTRIC SUPER BIKE from INDIA..!! I would like to scream that to your ear right now. It is THE fast electric bike that dreamers dream of and poets want to write about. It is a beauty. Look at that.

I am as good as surprised as you are.

It is an electric superbike in a country where its electric vehicles are mostly scooters and rickshaws. It is a SUPERBIKE in a country that never made a superbike before. Man, this is one of the times when  the “Future” makes history.

The electric bike company Emflux motors was founded by 3 engineers right in their startup office at Bangalore. You could learn more about them at http://www.emfluxmotors.com/.

Indian boys did it once again. Elon Musk says electric vehicles of the past are clumsy, toy- looking, unreliable and dumb. Well, our boys felt that too and the core aim of the team is to get rid of all these misconceptions.

Anyway, lets talk about the marvel.

Emflux one is an electric Superbike. They have made only a prototype after a lot of redesigning. They have spent considerable amount of craftmanship on this machine. The superbike can deliver 72hp and 84 newton metres of torque.

The electric bike company claims that 0-100 can be achieved in about 3 seconds. That is faster than a Ferrari458. It takes a lot of nerve to do that. The bike looks bit like a KTM RC8. It has a sci-fi stare to its headlight. The LED light is the icing on the cake.

I believe when  they can have the technology to build a super bike, these guys  can build any kind of vehicle that they want.

These guys made sure that they deliver the best when it comes to suspension and brakes. They have got Ohlins – https://www.ohlins.com/  for suspension and Brembo- https://www.brembo.com/en/ takes care of brakes.

These are the best in the world.

When it comes to gluing the bike to the road Pierlli Diablo rosso tyres are the best. Our super bike is really super now.

The thing about being is electric is that, it doesn’t heat up much, thus it doesn’t heat up your legs unlike traditional superbikes. It is my assumption, if any superbike riders read my blog please comment your experience, thanking you in advance.

You might have observed the tank in the front. Why does an EV (Electric Vehicle) need a tank?

These guys keep the SUPERBIKE Battery pack of 50 kg (7 li ion batteries) right there. Personally I think it helps in maintaining the center of gravity required for the bike. The company claims an incredible 200 km on a single charge. It is huge compared to my electric scooter, which only gave about 10-15 km though it claimed 30 km on a single charge. But for reference  the most efficient EV in the country can do only about a 100km .

The electric bike company  also claims that their warp charger can charge up to 0-80% in about 36 minutes.  I am awestruck, I have no comments on that one.

I hope Emflux delivers their claims. What is impossible these days?

Now I would like to drop a bombshell on you. The fast electric bike comes with a super price of RS.6lak, that is like 8,664$.

It is like a super punishment to bike lovers.

I believe the prices will come down. I hope so. Guys, try to understand here, it’s not a normal bike with an combustion engine, it’s an electric super bike , which anyway costs higher upfront , keeping that aside the suspensions, brakes and the tires are the best in class, Don’t compare it with a Splendor! Even a normal bike with all these specs wouldn’t be able to cost at this  price anywhere!

I believe the real challenge in EV sector is the production part, Elon had to go high over the earth with the production , industry , automation and stuff, but they managed it somehow with Tesla.

You can get good electric bike reviews in the video right here.

Let us hope the same for this bike. After reading the above 870 words a number of times, I stood up to myself in pride for India.

But then a curious question popped up in mind, if the Emflux guys could build an electric super bike, why don’t I make one? silly? Not yet.

Well, I couldn’t help it. I researched and I guess I found a solution.

Here is a list of just some of the benefits you get from building an electric bike yourself:

Lowest cost electric vehicle – because if you are doing it yourself , you can design the price too. The guide below will explain all the technical stuff to you curious buddy.

 Never wait in traffic again – simply pass all the slow cars by riding on the shoulder   or in the bike lane.

 Choose how far you want to ride – it is your design.

 Save money on insurance and vehicle costs – you can escape from this great headache and  No more oil changes or  repairs to worry about.

Never buy fuel again – simply plug your bike into your charger and recharge it for pennies a day.

 Reduce your carbon footprint –  bikes create a long carbon footpath , you can be a good boy or girl by refraining to pollute nature.

Ride silently – float on your vehicle, enjoy what nature has to say while you ride.

Experience the EV  proud Grin –  Have that huge smile. It is an amazing feeling. I promise.

I would like to cut the chase and allow you to be entertained by the guy who can really teach you to build a 50MPH electric bike using parts available on the internet, you can start to reduce your carbon footprint and  reduce your commuting stress levels by never having to sit in a traffic jam  ever again, have fun.

You can get the best electric bike conversion kit right here Curious buddy.

Click here to be amazed.

(this is our affiliate link)

Stay curious.

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