What does it mean to be truly happy?

I have pondered over this question over and over many times. I asked myself “Would I be happy when all my problems are solved?”

I am not sure of that, I don’t actually view problems as mere problems, I view them as challenges and I love taking up challenges every day. Besides challenges come up every day and for everyone out there. So solving problems is not the only thing that makes me happy although I am relieved when my challenges are solved.

Then I asked myself, “Would I be happy when all of my needs are met?”

Hmm… first of all, what are my needs?

Well I need to brush my teeth, I need education, I need to drink and dine, I need to sleep and it seems the lists go beyond infinity. But most of my needs are met every day. It does make me contended though.

But I didn’t come to this world to just be contended with normal needs that all normal people “need”.

I need more…hmm not more…maybe .It is something different..

Then I asked “Do I need to have a reputation or a high status among my friends and the world?”

It isn’t too bad to have a rich status, but that isn’t going to make me happy, I think it’ll make me more tensed and constantly be concerned of what people think of me.

Besides I don’t think happiness can be associated with status, though it makes a lot of people happy.

My dad made sure that I had education from a very reputed school, some people said he did it for a status. But I don’t think so; he had never spoken of a high profile. He always wanted to maintain his humbleness. He was not “status” type person.

Then I have a friend who also maintains a very low profile but he uses the best quality products. He uses a very costly earphone. Though it is a need for him to have an earphone, he wanted the earphone of one particular brand that cost him a huge sum. I wondered why.

Having a great earphone is not a need nor is it a thing of status, the same the case of my dad having his kids study in a reputed school though he could have had his children learn in a less reputed school.

As far as my observation goes, it is not solving a problem or satisfying a need or showing off status that makes us happy.

I BELIEVE it is the process of achieving the “WANTs” that makes us happy. Our ‘ wants ‘ are unique to us.

I want to have a nice haircut, I want to have a nice shirt, I want to have that particular jean, I want to have that same green shirt on the magazine, I want to have a Red Range Rover, and I want to have an orange Royal Enfield…and the list goes on. The list is not infinite.

Do you remember the happiness that you felt when you got your dream shirt, bag, and the Titan watch when you were young?

Do you remember that time you jumped high over heels when you got that Barbie doll or the Pokémon doll?

That is happiness. It is pure. That is bliss.

Your needs, challenges, engineering, doctorate, literature are all noble pursuits but happiness is what we live for.

Now a day you don’t want a Pokémon doll anymore right?

You might want a JBL earphone, an Apple Iphone, Nikon DSLR, PUMA, TITAN…etc..the list goes on.

Sometimes you want the best to make you happy, sometimes not. But the heart wants what it wants.

So wouldn’t it be great to know all about what you want?

You must know all about it. You want scientific reasoning to all the products that you use.

This is where WINDOWSHOPPI come in. We provide you the ONLY pit stop for all the information about all that makes you happy.

The internet is a big market tree that has its roots in a variety of sellers and hence it is inevitable to avoid garbage. It is very unfortunate to say that many sellers reveal only the better side of their product.

You deserve the best platform to learn about the things you love. Therefore, we came up with an idea to deliver Scientifically backed and logical reasoning to all critical reviews given by worldwide users of your product.

We will provide you both Pros and Cons of the product to preserve the credibility of the product. 

We promise that we reveal everything. 

We do use affiliate links to fuel WINDOWSHOPPI and to keep our tummies quiet. But we do it with the best interest.

 It would be great if you could just stop by us before buying any product to hear out our authors and be the happiest person.


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