Burning Path by Jesbin John Jacob.

I don’t care about that dream on your mind right now. I don’t care how hard it is or for how long you had been holding it up there.

I simply don’t care. I don’t owe you a dime. It is yours.

Nobody is going to care, except you. You are responsible .

But I’ll assure you that your dream is POSSIBLE.

I know it is hard changing your life. I am a dreamer myself. But you can’t accomplish it just by dreaming about it. You need to fret for it, sweat for it and plan for it.

But sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down, No matter how good you are, you are going to lose one third of your games and no matter how bad you are , you are going to win one third of your games, but winning the remaining one third of your games is something that really matters.

You have to earn it. No other option.


Relax. When you fear, you become stiff and fragile, you are prone to breakage, but when you relaxed, you are elastic, you can’t break even when you fail.

Failures happen to all of us. Just give out your FULL and try.

Ever tried, ever failed? No matter, try again and fail again. Fail better.

Try to fall on your back, because when you fall on your back, you can look UP, and if you can look UP, you can GET BACK UP!!

First things first. Have a vision, know where you have to go. A person without a vision I like a ship without a captain.

74% of the people hate their job in the United States. it is because they didn’t follow any goal but just drifted by into some job openings.

Hence, the second thing to do is love what you do.

All people are sane, if you don’t love what you do, it is quite natural for you to give up. Please don’t blame yourself if you gave up on something that you didn’t love. It is maturity. It is okay,

When you love what you do, your work is not hard anymore.

Thirdly, ignore all the dogs barking at you. Nelson Mandela said, “Everything seems impossible until it is done”.

People are going to say that your dream is impossible, prove them WRONG.

I remember a story of 3 frogs. The three frogs set out for a race up a hill. At the starting line, all their friends yelled about all the snakes, rats, vultures and eagles waiting for them on their journey to the hill. However the three determined frogs started the race, one of the frogs got eaten up by a snake and the other gave up scared. But, one of the frogs reached the finish line. Everybody was amazed. Later, they discovered that the frog that won the race was deaf. If it would have heard the naysayers, it might not have won the race.


Fourthly, WORK. The other day I got a tap leaking drops of water in my bathroom, I couldn’t fix it so I put a bucket under it to save the water. The next day I was amazed to see a full bucket. Small things add up.

When you set out to build a big wall, place each brick as perfectly as possible, soon in some time, you will have a big wall.

Your work is not hard. It could be boxing, painting, swimming, engineering, acting or a job. Road to success is not hard. But it is a Burning Path, as the most important part of success is Consistency and Persistence.

The BURNING PATH offers to you the best dosage of success principles to get you ready for the journey. The author Jesbin John Jacob (co-founder or windowshoppi) lays out his heart and soul in the book. He delivers his passion for success in a set of very orderly written rules.

He highlights 7 CORE rules to bring out the success warrior in you. Each rule consists of 3 parts.

Explanation- to make you understand the rule.
Introspection- a set of questions to discover yourself.
Momentum. – a set of affirmations to apply the success principles in your daily life.

I wholeheartedly recommend the BURNING PATH. It is available on Amazon and also for FREE on KINDLE UNLIMITED and KINDLE OPEN LENDING LIBRARY . Please click the link below.










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