Mi 10000mAH Li-Polymer Power Bank 2i (Black)

Mobile phones these days lack the kind of charge storing capacity its predecessors did, mostly due to its increased power output and usage. Touch phones are the norm, and anyone without one is banished to the realms of backwardness. Power banks are portable batteries used to charge a host of devices via USB cables. They are mostly used in charging mobile phones and can store an incredible amount of charge.

They come in handy especially when you go on long trips with family and friends.

·       The Mi Li-Polymer Power Bank has a power rating of 10000, which means it can charge smartphones, tablets and even laptops.

·       The Lithium-Ion Polymer batteries have improved conversion and discharge rates, meaning it stabilises the voltage providing high output.

·       It comes with an advanced resistance-capacitance sensors which makes the device more durable and improves its charging efficiency.

·       It comes with a two-way charging port without any compromise on its size, so two devices can be charged simultaneously.

·       It comes with a  thickness of 14.2mm and weighs in at 240g making it an ultra-slim and lightweight device.

·       The casing is crafted out of anodized aluminium which provides the device with the ability to withstand strong impacts and collisions.

·       The anodized finish reduces the daily wear and sweat build up without any compromise on its comfort.

·       There’s an additional feature which allows the user to tap into slow charging by double pressing the button provided, for charging low power devices.

·       It comes with 9-layers of circuit chip protection which safeguards the device from temperature, short-circuit, overcharging, incorrect insertion etc.


The power bank takes around 5 hours to reach complete charge.

It can’t provide complete charge to a laptop, only sustain it until the battery runs out.

It is sleek and comfortable to handle.

Efficient charging rates and minimum heat production.

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