Smarty Pet Nylon Soft Padded Leash and Harness Set-0.75 Inch (Red)


Often times, your four-legged friend is more adventurous than you’d wish him to be, especially when you go out on walks with him. Maybe he’s well behaved at home, but once he steps out into the open it’s a different story. Luckily we have a solution for that.

Dog leashes are ropes attached to dogs to prevent them from running off into the sunset. They are crafted with two purposes in mind, one being its function, and the other being style. It gives you the control you need, while giving him the comfort he needs. This way you can take him out on walks without worrying about him acting out on his own.

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The Smarty Pet Nylon Soft Padded Leash and Harness is a well-tailored dog leash which provides the user with all the requirements he’ll ever need at a cheap price. Most dog leashes come with a collar which cause bruises along the neck. Also, collars can cause hair fall and serve as a cover for parasites, causing massive irritation. The product is designed in such a way as to negate the requirement of a collar thus ensuring comfort and durability. Its also light-weight and easy to store, making it ideal for travelers who wish to take their canine companions on trips from time to time.

Key Features

• The design is unique, and doesn’t require a collar for its function.

• It comes in a variety of colors, and the leash can be adjusted to a perfect fit for most types of dogs.

• The design also makes the product stylish without any compromise on its functional side.

• The material used to make the leash comes from nylon, which is soft and comfortable for the dog to wear, and the owner to handle.

• Comes with a double stitching to vastly improve its durability.

• The hooks and locks are chrome plated to improve its anti-corrosive properties and gives it a brilliant shine.


• The only issue few customers had with the Smarty Pet Leas was that it wasn’t a one fit for all product. This product can be fitted onto dogs with sizes that fall into the range of 44-64cm.

• Other than that, all the reviews were exceedingly positive with durability being cited as its greatest strength.

For any serious dog-lover, this is a must have product, if he wants to keep his fellow companion in check and in good shape while maintaining control. Your buddy will look forward to his walks, and will be grateful that you decided to invest in such a lovely product. It’s a win-win situation, he gets to prance about all he wants, while you get to stay in control without worrying about him goofing off.

WINDOWSHOPPI.COM provides an easy 8/10 for this product.

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