Red Gear Dragonwar Emera ELE-G11 3200 DPI Gaming Mouse

Most of us are fairly comfortable with normal mouses, and don’t see the point in shelling out extra cash for an expensive one, because after all, what does a mouse do other than select icons and invoke options?

It does a lot more than that, especially when it comes to gaming. Do you spend a few minutes each day playing them? Maybe you do now, but if you had the chance, you’d never leave the computer until you’ve finished the game.

That’s where the Dragonwar mouse comes in. Not only does it look amazing, but it also designed for maximum comfort. It has a delicate mix of practicality and ergonomics embedded into it so you can play your favourite games for hours on end without experiencing any fatigue.

But that’s not all, the Dragonwar mouse contains a total of eight programmable buttons and a scroll button, making it a sliding gaming controller. Once the mouse is plugged in, a window will pop up for you to customise the buttons and mouse speed.

The normal mouse pales in comparison to the Dragonwar mouse since it provides its user with a high degree of comfort, control and flexibility. It can easily slide on any type of surface without the reduction in performance.

Although it is a gaming mouse, looking at all the benefits it provides, it wouldn’t be far fetched to purchase one even if you’re using it for tasks other than gaming on the computer.

This comes with 1.2m long braided fibre cable and a gold plated USB connector. Most mouses experience damage in the wire that connects it to the system, such as cuts and bruises that makes its way into the core.

Of course, the reason for its design and choice of material is to vastly improve its durability, but you also brag about the “braided fibre cable” and “gold plated USB”. Think of it as a piece of jewellery with a practical application. You’re killing two birds with one stone.

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And believe it is not, this mouse is affordable. It is not of the super expensive variety and is easily available online. The ones that are slightly more expensive offer greater control and comfort, but for the vast majority of us, they are too small to be of any significance when compared to the difference in price.

So in conclusion, the device consists of the following features

•8 programmable keys with LED lighting and scroll button

•DPI: 800/1600/2400/3200

•Ergonomically designed

•Gold plated USB 2.0

•1.2m braided cable

•Compatible with Windows XP and above

•1-year warranty from date of purchase

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