Self-hypnosis by Valerie Austin

We all have dreams, don’t we? But what is it that keeps us from achieving them? “If I only had the time to pursue my goals” “If I only had the money to invest in my goals” we come up with a variety of excuses to explain away why we aren’t where we ought to be.

This book will blow all those assumptions out of the water by introducing you to the psychology behind success. It will show you how successful people operate, and introduces you to the very nuts and bolts of habit forming.

It will provide you with a variety of psychological tools that weed out negative habits, and replaces them with the habits you’ve longed desired to cultivate.

It helps you discover the most powerful tool on the face of the planet, the power to believe. Most of us aren’t aware of this ability of ours, and this book will bring it out for you.

It also consists of various techniques explained in steps easy to understand. This way, you will readily glean everything the book has to offer.

To improve your grasp, several exercises have been provided to test out the techniques, so as soon as you study the techniques, the book offers you a chance to try them out and see if they work. It’s only once we experience something that the belief that we can, emerges.

With this, you can effectively weed out undesirable behaviours and addictions such as smoking, drinking, negative thinking, cussing etc and replace them with habits that promote your well-being.

The only instance where the book fails to provide is when you skim through it, without giving it the level of seriousness it requires. You put in the work, and you get rewarded for it.

This isn’t a book meant to be read for leisure, nor is it one that should be read in one sitting. You will keep coming back to it to refine your understanding of how our minds work and how you can use it to your advantage.

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About the author

Valerie Austin is the bestselling author of five hypnosis books and a leading hypnotherapy trainer. She has been educating people in the incredible power of the subconscious mind for over 30 years. Valerie teaches regular workshops, Diploma and Masters courses and runs an annual 3-day multi-speaker event that features hypnotherapy experts from all over the world, The Austin Hypnotherapy Conference.

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